My Building Certifier will inspect various stages of construction for compliance with the original consent or certificate, and on completion, issue the required Principal Certifying Authority.
Principal Certifying Authority

Services: Principal Certifier

Prior to commencement of work, the owner must appoint a Registered Certifier or Council to inspect the building work under construction. The Certifier or Council is known as the Principal Certifying (PC). The PC issues the required certificates including the Occupation Certificate.

When you appoint My Building Certifier as your PC, a fee is payable for the inspections and the issue of the part/whole occupation certificate.

As your PC, My Building Certifier is required to inspect various stages of construction so that the work can be assessed for compliance with the original consent or certificate, and on completion, issue the required Occupation Certificate.

The inspections to be undertaken will be listed in your initial certificate. These inspections are called 'Critical Stage Inspections'.

Critical Stage inspections may include:

  • excavations
  • foundations and footings
  • steel reinforcement
  • pool fencing
  • floor joists before laying floor
  • framework
  • floor, wall and ceiling inspections for fire ratings and sound transmission (Class 2-9 buildings only)
  • wet area
  • fire services/construction
  • storm water
  • final inspection

To ensure no downtime for our clients, My Building Certifier undertakes inspections five (5) days per week.

Our rates are competitive and inspections can be done on minimal notice.

For inspection bookings please call (02) 8880 4480 or use our inspection booking form.

Written quotations can also be provided.

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