Staff of MBC are accredited to issue complying development certificates in southern and eastern Sydney.
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Staff of MBC are accredited to issue complying development certificates in southern and eastern Sydney.

Complying development is development that meets predetermined standards contained within state government policies and codes such as the NSW Housing Code, NSW Commercial and Industrial Code and the Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy.

The NSW Government has now created a system that will allow electronic processing of complying development applications made under the NSW Housing Code. Further information on the Electronic Housing Code (EHC) is available through Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

Complying Development Certificates can be issued for a variety of developments including new houses, secondary dwellings, residential alterations and additions and alterations to commercial and industrial buildings, pools, awnings, carports, garages, demolition and changes of building use.

In February 2009, the State Government introduced the NSW Housing Code through State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008. Subsequent amendments have introduced the Housing Alterations Code, the Commercial and Industrial Code, Rural Housing Code, Subdivision Code, Demolition Code and General Development Code all of which provide for complying development.

If a complying development application meets all the standards, a complying development certificate can be issued instead of a development consent and construction certificate. The costs and time associated with a complying development certificate are substantially less than those associated with development applications.

Our turnaround times for these types of applications average less than five (5) days. However, recent amendments to the Regulations mean that some applications will need to be advertised to neighbours for a period of 14 days before MBC can issue a certificate.

MBC has developed checklists that address the standards for the NSW Housing Code, the NSW Housing Alterations Code, the NSW Demolition Code, the NSW Commercial and Industrial Code.

These checklists and our application form can be obtained below.

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Select from our various form types below. Note that the Housing Code Checklist - Dwellings and Ancillary Development and Housing Code Checklist - Swimming Pools are under revision due to legislation changes and are not currently available.