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BASIX and Energy Assessments

Services: BASIX and Energy assessments

BASIX certificates are required for all new dwellings and additions to dwellings where the value of the addition is $50,000 or more.

Swimming pools with a volume of greater than 40.000 litres also require a BASIX certificate.

A BASIX certificate addresses the thermal performance, water and energy management for the proposal.

Further information regarding BASIX can be obtained at www.basix.nsw.gov.au

While BASIX addresses energy efficiency matters for residential developments in NSW, Section J of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) addresses the energy efficiency design of other classes of buildings such as shops, offices, factories, hospitals and pre-schools. While certain aspects of Section J must be assessed by qualified mechanical or structural engineers, My Building Certifier is able to provide assessments of proposed development in respect to insulation of floors, walls (including glazing) and roof.

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